Weather Impacts

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Baby, it’s cold outside…

But is it too cold for sporting clays?

If it’s below 20 degrees, yes. We also do not throw targets if there is active heavy rain or snow or extremely high winds.

Please note there will usually be some delay in course reopening after snowfall due to our needing to clear ice and snow.

Look for the alert banner at the top of the website for information on delays and closures. 

What about hunts?

We hunt regardless of weather; in fact, cold weather may improve your hunt! In the case of extreme weather causing cancellation, we will call you early the morning of the hunt to notify you. Please note this is rare—we hunt in snow and normally only cancel if conditions are so severe that roads are closed and you would not be able to get to our facility. If you are concerned about conditions, please keep an eye on the forecast and keep our cancellation policy in mind.