Sporting Clays

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Like golf with a shotgun

Kiowa Creek Sporting Club welcomes both members and non-members, providing opportunities for every level of shooter from beginner to expert. Target presentations vary from straightforward pairs to midis, rabbits, chandelles, and even tower-released targets for the most experienced shooter. Don’t miss our signature Truck Station, where you shoot from the bed of an old grain truck. With 25 stations as well as a 5-stand to choose from, there’s something for everyone!

If you’re not equipped for a day at the range, we can provide everything you need, including shotgun and golf cart rentals, eye and ear protection, and ammunition. We also offer a variety of shooting accessories and an excellent selection of branded apparel in our pro shop. Non-alcoholic beverages and light snacks are available in our clubhouse, where you’re welcome to unwind after your day of shooting. 

Please call ahead to 303-644-4627 to reserve any needed shotguns or golf carts and check our calendar for course availability.

Quick Info
Level Novice-Expert
Duration 2-3 hours
Group Size 1-9
Reservations Not required for <10 shooters; required for cart and gun rentals
Age No minimum with adult supervision
Member rate $0.40 / target
Non-member rate $0.55 / target

Golf carts and shotguns are available for rent.

Have a larger group?

Our stations in interactive 360°

Instructions: Select station. Grab and drag to move around.


Kiowa Creek Sporting Club’s  5-stand is an entertaining sporting clays game that allows for maximum interaction between shooters. Up to five people can shoot at one time, rotating through the five stands as targets are released from eight different traps to simulate game birds in the field. This fast-moving game consists of 25 targets thrown according to a menu and is particularly suited for groups of 5 to 15 people. It can even be reserved for a two-hour time segment for your private party or corporate event.


Could your small group use a little coaching? With 5-stand in particular, we find an instructor is essential if your group is made up of inexperienced shooters. Please reach out to one of our recommended shooting instructors to ensure your event will run smoothly and everyone has a good time.

Quick Info
Level Novice-Expert
Duration 1-2 hours
Group size 5-15
Age No minimum with adult supervision
Member rate $0.40 / target
Non-member rate $0.55 / target

The 5-Stand in interactive 360°

Instructions: Click arrows to travel. Grab and drag to move around.

Gun Rentals $25

Beretta Silver Pigeon Over-Under

12-gauge or 20-gauge

Shotguns may be shared. We suggest 2 people per gun.

Credit card and driver’s license required.

Availability is limited. Please call 303-644-4627 to reserve.

Cart Rentals $25

Golf carts seat 4 people.

Availability is limited. Please call 303-644-4627 to reserve.

Club Shoots

If you’re interested in participating in shooting events, we have options! Fun shoots are non-competitive, holiday-themed events that are great fun for the whole family. NSCA shoots are competitive tournaments for registered shooters and those considering joining that organization. Open shoots are generally corporate-sponsored fundraisers benefiting a charity that welcome anyone’s participation. The Ladies of Kiowa Creek is a group that gathers monthly to hold shooting clinics, participate in events, or simply practice their skills. There’s truly something for everyone, so check out our Club Shoots!

Help at Hand

Shooting Instructors

Need some help with your game? We recommend four awesome instructors for you to choose from! They have experience teaching to any level, whether you’ve never held a shotgun before or you’re being challenged by a particular target presentation.

We have answers

FAQ: Sporting Clays

What is Sporting Clays?

People often refer to sporting clays as “golf with a shotgun.” It consists of shooting five pairs of targets at each of ten stations, totaling 100 clay targets. Target presentations vary between stations. This variety makes sporting clays the most realistic simulation of bird hunting and makes it fun and challenging for both recreational and competitive shooters.

At our sporting club, individuals are not committed to shooting 100 targets. You have the flexibility of shooting as many or as few clay targets as you like and are charged accordingly at the member or non-menber rate per target.

What is 5-Stand?

Five-stand is a sporting clays game in which shooters rotate between 5 stands positioned adjacent to one another on a compact course, taking 5 shots at each stand. Clay targets are released from 8 machines according to sequence menus posted at each stand. The game consists of 25 shots. It is an entertaining, fast-moving game that allows for maximum interaction between shooters and is ideal for groups of 5 to 15 people. Targets are priced the same as for sporting clays.

Do you have trap and skeet shooting?

We have a 25-station sporting clays course and a 5-stand course but do not have trap or skeet shooting.

How long does it take to shoot a game of sporting clays?

For a group of 4 shooters, plan to spend about 2 to 3 hours on our sporting clays course, and allow some extra time to check in and check out in our clubhouse. Actual shoot time will vary based on the number of shooters per squad, how fast a group shoots, and the number of shots taken.

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What are your hours and availability?

Our hours are 8am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday. You must be finished shooting and back up to the clubhouse before 5pm.

Hours vary for major holidays. See our Calendar page for these changes.

April through October is our event season, so please check course availability on our Calendar, which shows which stations are available each day for the coming weeks, or call 303-644-4627. Availability is subject to change, so check back for the latest information.

Weather conditions also may affect course availability. The outdoor temperature must be at least 20 degrees, and we cannot throw targets if there is heavy rain or snow. After snowfall, there will usually be some delay in the course reopening due to necessary clearing of ice and snow. Feel free to call for course conditions.

Do we need reservations?

We do not currently take reservations for small groups of recreational shooters. However, if you would like to rent a shotgun or golf cart, we strongly recommend calling ahead for those. For groups of 10 or more, please see our Venue page.

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