Kiowa Creek Sporting Club features year-round sporting clays action on one of the finest sporting clays courses in the country. Our course is laid out along a wooded section of Kiowa Creek. You can reach each of the sporting clays stations, by foot or golf cart, on a winding path through the course.

The course features 24 stations fully automated, including a 120′ tower with two independent platforms each holding two machines. This allows maximum flexibility in target presentations and simulation of the most realistic targets possible. Our automated system also allows you to enjoy the course as a single shooter with a delay option.

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  • Safety First!
  • Eye and ear protection is mandatory for everyone when on the sporting clay course.
  • Shot size no larger than 7 1/2 and 1 1/8 oz of shot 3 1/4 dram powder when shooting sporting clays.
  • We do not throw targets if it is below 20° or during inclement weather. Please call for course availability if these conditions exist.