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Kiowa Creek Sporting Club is the perfect venue to host your next corporate outing, charity fundraiser, or team building event. Sporting clays are a great way for staff and clients alike to socialize while enjoying the outdoors. We can host groups of 10 to 350 people with an ideal space for each group size. Entertain an event with up to 100 guests in our distinguished clubhouse or use our gorgeous Event Pavilion for up to 350 guests. We also have a private meeting space that can fit up to 30 guests. The 5-Stand can even be reserved in 2-hour segments for exclusive use if desired. We also feature holiday-themed fun shoots and NSCA-registered competitions, so there’s an event for everyone!

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More About Our Events

Shooting Events at Kiowa Creek Denver Colorado
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Kiowa Creek Sporting Club has been the host to copious corporate shoots throughout the years. We’ve found that our groups love having their business outings, fundraising events, and team building sessions here as sporting clays are a great alternative to golf! We work intimately with our groups, making sure they are set up for success every step of the way. With delicious lunch options, stunning views, and a course suitable for every level of shooter, everyone is sure to have an unforgettable experience.


Event Pavilion at Kiowa Creek

We also entertain smaller groups, with one of our most popular events being bachelor/bachelorette parties. Not only do we have a Private Groom Space that can be rented out for more intimate gatherings, but sporting clays are enjoyable for all ages and experience levels, so everyone can join in the fun.

For groups up to 100 people, host in our spacious clubhouse, which features an extensive patio that overlooks the gorgeous cottonwood-lined course and rolling hills in Eastern Colorado.

Groups larger than 100 people are seated in our breathtaking Event Pavilion. With towering overhead lights, seating for up to 350 people, a warm, cozy fireplace for cooler days, and an accompanying pergola and dance floor, there’s plenty of room for your guests to relax, celebrate, and enjoy everything Colorado’s favorite sporting clays venue has to offer.

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Don’t have a group of people to bring out? No worries! Throughout the year we host numerous holiday-themed fun shoots (such as our Easter Spring Eggstravaganza or Halloween Shoot-for-Loot) and NSCA-registered shoots for competitors. You can come by yourself or bring a few friends! Our fun shoots feature themed prizes, decorations, and some occasionally costumed friends. The NSCA events give competitive shooters a chance to earn some cash prizes and punch up from their respective categories.


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How to Book an Event for Small Groups

For groups between 10-20 people:

 Call 303.644.4627 to find out about availability. For groups of fewer than 10 people, no reservations are required.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • What date/time are you interested in?
  • Are you wanting to shoot the main course or reserve the 5-stand? For information about 5-stand, click here.
  • Who is the primary contact and what is their contact information?
  • Are you planning on having lunch here? Please note that we do not serve lunch, but you are more than welcome to bring your own pre-packaged meals.
  • Are there any members in your group?
  • Is the tab being paid as a group or by individuals?
  • Will you need to purchase ammo from us? 12ga or 20ga?
  • Will you need any gun rentals or golf cart reservations?

We will follow-up closer to your event confirming all of your information. Be prepared to provide a list of names for your shooters so that we can check that everyone has filled out our digital release.

5stand Events Colorado

How to Book an Event: Corporate Group

For groups over 20 people:

Email to request our General Event Information and Pricing Packet and include the following information:

  • What is the name of the event?
  • What is the name of the lead organizer?
  • What is the contact info for the lead organizer (email and phone)?
  • How many participants do you anticipate?
  • What day of the week or specific dates are you interested in?
  • Do you prefer morning or afternoon?

Confirm your date: We will reply to your email with our info packet and available dates based on your request. Please select your preferred date.

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Sign your contract: Once all of your information is confirmed, we will send over a contract through Adobe to e-sign. Please be aware that once the contract is signed and submitted, the deposit will be charged.

Schedule your 14-Day Call: About three weeks out from your event, we send an email to schedule a 14-day, final details call and include needed scorecards and squad list sheets.

Finalize details at your 14-Day Call: We will go over all of your final details such as final count, scoring preferences, needed reservations, etc. as well as how to fill out your scorecards/squad lists.

Have your event!

We are here to help you throughout planning your event and the day of, so if you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to reach out at!

For weddings, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more, visit Cottonwood Glen.

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Info for Event Participants

5-stand at Kiowa Creek Colorado
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We’re so excited you’re coming for a visit! For most questions, your event coordinator is likely the best point of contact. They should be able to tell you things like whether they are supplying ammunition, what squad you are in, the cost of the shoot, etc.

Here are the main things to keep in mind for your event day on our side of things:


  • Complete the release form before coming!!
  • Your event organizer will make you do it in the morning if you haven’t already, so it’s much easier to do it ahead of time. It should take no longer than 5 minutes.
  • Eye and ear protection are required.
  • Check with your group to see if they will be supplying. If not, and you do not have your own, we sell some in the clubhouse.
  • Make sure you reserve a gun ahead of time if you need to rent one!
eyes and ears protection for sporting clays kiowa creek
  • Double check to see if there’s anyone in your group that you can share with. We recommend 2-3 people per gun.
  • Call to reserve: 303.644.4627
  • Pick up your gun rentals before 8:15am (for morning groups) or 12:15pm (for afternoon groups). If rentals are not picked up before these times, they will be released to walk-ins and are no longer guaranteed. 
  • Make sure to bring your driver’s license so that we can make a copy. We will also hold a credit card while you have the gun out and charge it ahead of time ($25) if the group is not covering the cost.
  • Keep track of the gun we give you (indicated by a specific number or letter on the stock of the gun) as that is the gun tied to your credit card.
  • You will have to listen to a quick gun safety talk that is separate from your overall group safety debrief. This usually lasts less than 1 minute. If there is a large group with many rentals, we may give you a colored card to hold onto until after the gun talk, at which point we will trade you the ticket for a gun.
  • IF WE ARE OUT OF GUN RENTALS: Check back in at 8:15am (morning groups) or 12:15pm (afternoon groups) to see if there are any unclaimed guns. If there are not, guns can be shared between 2-3 people so check with members in your group and do your best to spread out the guns that they do have.
Shotgun Shooting Events near Denver
  • Your group check-in will be outside at either the red picnic tables or plastic tables in front of the Pavilion, all of which are easily visible from the parking lot. For morning events, the clubhouse opens at 7:45am and the entrance is at the very front of the building, adjacent from the parking lot.

    • Please do not try to use side or back entrances as they will be locked.
    • Once the clubhouse opens, you may come in and get coffee, grab ammo, get your gun rentals, and anything else necessary.

    Make sure to keep track of your score along the way and tally it at the very end on the bottom of your scoresheet.

    • If we are scoring for your group and receive untallied sheets, they will not be considered.
    eyes and ears protection for sporting clays kiowa creek
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    Private Meeting Space

    Are you needing a spot to have an important meeting? Searching for a gathering place to host a private party? Or, wanting a groom’s retreat that can’t be beat? 

    Our private meeting space, conveniently located near Denver, Colorado, is what you’re looking for! 


    5-stand at Kiowa Creek Colorado

    Features Include:

    • Bar and counter seating
    • Convertible billiard to conference table
    • 75″ flat screen smart tv
    • Guest wi-fi
    • Covered deck with lounge furniture
    • Seating for up to 25 people
    • Coffee upon request
    • Catering options available for groups over 20
    • Set-up and tear-down provided

    Our private meeting space is the perfect place for any get-together you desire!

    Meeting Room Rental Rates: Full Day use (up to 8 hours) is $500.00.

    Use of Meeting Room must take place during regular business hours of Tuesday – Sunday  8:00am – 5:00pm.

    AV Package: Screen and projector, microphone, and podium are available for a $100.00 rental fee.

    Call 303.644.4627 to find out about availability and to book! Please note that a $100 deposit is charged at the time of booking.

    eyes and ears protection for sporting clays kiowa creek

    Other Events at Kiowa

    5-stand at Kiowa Creek Colorado
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    Fun Shoots

    Fun shoots are holiday-themed events where everyone is welcome to come shoot in a relaxed, yet exhilarating environment.


    The shoots we have each year are…

    Sweetheart Shoot (for Valentine’s Day)

    Spring Eggstravaganza (for Easter)

    Freedom Fun Shoot (for 4th of July)

    Shoot-for-Loot (for Halloween)

    Feastival (for Thanksgiving)


    We have themed prizes, lunch, and the occasional mascot to take pictures with on the course! Please note that shoots are weather dependent. We always put out more information closer to the event on our home page. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date! Click to register for any upcoming fun shoots.

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    NSCA Registered Shoots

    Kiowa Creek Sporting Club hosts a variety of National Sporting Clays Association shoots each year.


    5-stand at Kiowa Creek Colorado

    The shoots we have each year are…

    Our regular NSCA shoots include the main event of 100 challenging targets plus either FITASC or 5-stand. We are also one of the hosts of the annual 6-2-6, a vigorous event in which shooters visit six clubs over two days, shooting a total of 600 targets.These shoots provide a competitive environment to compete for cash prizes and punch up through the classes to gain expertise in the world of sporting clays. All registered shooters can participate. 

    Check out our glossary for NSCA-related terminology.

    Head to to register for any upcoming NSCA events, unless otherwise posted.

    NSCA Registered Shoots
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    Parties and More

    If you’re interested in hosting birthday celebrations, anniversary dinners, baby showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, or any type of get-together, head to Cottonwood Glen to find out more!.


    Party Venue Denver Colorado
    5-stand at Kiowa Creek Colorado

    Event FAQs

    Corporate Events  |  Fun Shoots  |  NSCA Shoots


    Corporate Events

    How many participants can I have at my event?

    Our course can accommodate up to 300 shooters at a single event.

    How far in advance do I need to plan my event?

    ASAP! The more notice you give us, the more likely you are to secure your desired date. Many groups are recurring and therefore are booking a year ahead. Conversely, we don’t recommend booking inside 30 days as most events need at least that much time to get coordinated.

    What is required to reserve a date?

    We need your estimated shooter count and organizer contact info to make a contract. Then the signed contract and designated deposit are required to secure your date/event.

    How much does it cost to have an event at Kiowa Creek? 

    Please email us at for our pricing packet.

    What deposit is required?

    The minimum deposit is $500, but it varies based on the size and needs of your event. This a non-refundable deposit if canceled within 30-days of your event but does apply to the final balance day of.

    When must I pay for my event in full?

    Payment in full is due the day of your event. Leading up to your event, you just owe the deposit. Much of the final cost is dependent on your final shooter count and the lunch you choose.

    What spaces do you have for events?

    We utilize our main Clubhouse patio for groups under 100 people and our Pavilion for groups 100+. We do also offer a private meeting room for groups/events of 25 people or less. The Pavilion can also be rented for groups under 100 people for a minimum fee.

    Do you provide the ammo?

    In most cases we are able to provide ammo for your event. If you anticipate needing ammo, be sure to reach out early and often as availability and pricing is subject to change. You may provide your own ammo for your group if you wish. Please inform your participants of whether or not they should expect you to provide ammo or purchase their own.

    Can you rent shotguns to participants that don’t have them?

    Yes! We have a fleet of 12 gauge and 20 gauge Beretta shotguns to rent for $25/gun and they can be shared between 2-3 people in a single group. We do STRONGLY recommend participants call ahead to reserve if certain they will be needed as they generally go fast at many of our events. 303.644.4627

    Can we rent golf carts?

    Yes! They’re 4-seater carts and rent for $25/cart. You should plan to reserve these ahead of time as we just have four and they go fast on a nice day. Call us to reserve: 303.644.4627

    Do you provide lunch?

    All of our corporate groups are required to choose a lunch option through one of our caterers that we work with on their behalf, if they would like to have lunch. Lunch options and pricing are included in our General Group Info – just email us at to obtain this packet.

    Can I use my own caterer?

    All food for events must be arranged through Kiowa Creek event staff and our local catering partners. Outside catering is not allowed at this time.

    Can we have alcohol at our event?

    Yes! Call Peak Beverage at 720-722-1140. All alcohol must be arranged through Peak beverage, for liability reasons.

    How do participants sign up for our event?

    Most event organizers designate a contact phone number and email where participants can reach them directly. Kiowa Creek staff does not directly handle registration for our events, but we’re happy to provide tips and tricks to make the process easier!

    Can participants complete your release form ahead of time?

    Yes! In fact, this is highly recommended to help speed up their check-in process. Click HERE for a direct link to the release that can be sent via email ahead of your event!

    How many stations will you reserve for us?

    Please call us directly to discuss this as it depends on the size of your event. We generally make this final call about 14-days ahead of your event so the stations utilized can more closely match the estimated number of shooters.

    Do we need our own volunteers for our event?

    We do recommend having helpers for events of 50 or more as it is generally helpful. If you have a group of 100 or more, we do require a volunteer for each station used to help with the flow of your event. Feel free to call us with any questions about this! 303.644.4627

    How do we award prizes?

    This is entirely up to you! Every group does it differently but many award 1st-3rd place and last place. Some also break their scoring into what’s called “Lewis Class” where the scores are broken into three (or more) classes (total number of scores broken into thirds). If you have a wide range of ability in your group, this is a fun way to spread out prizes to more of your group.

    Does Kiowa Creek provide the required eye and ear protection?

    We sell eye protection ($8) and ear protection ($.50) but many of our groups choose to either provide it themselves or have a sponsor provide it as part of their sponsorship. Groups are always welcome to purchase it through us; we just ask for advance notice so we can be sure to have enough on hand for your event.

    What happens if it’s windy or rainy the day of our event?

    We are generally a “rain or shine” event place with the exception of severe weather (HEAVY rain or snow). We communicate directly with you if weather becomes an issue and you are always welcome to reach out to us if you are concerned about the forecast for your event day.

    Can we include a committee on all correspondence?

    To ensure consistency on our end, we ask that groups with a committee designate a single individual as the main point of contact. They are welcome to share all info with any others involved.

    Do you send out fliers for fundraiser shoots?

    Absolutely! If you are hosting an event that benefits a charity or is a fundraiser that is also open to the public for signups, please feel free to send us your flier or event info that you would like sent out. We are happy to send it via email to our 18,000+ email subscribers!

    Fun Shoots

    How do I register for fun shoots?

    Register on our home page. When you register, you will be asked to fill in the names of your squad members, so please be prepared for those.

    How do I reserve a golf cart?

    Call 303.644.4627 to reserve a golf cart. Please note we only have 4 carts available to rent and they go extremely quickly for Fun Shoot days, so you may have to be placed on a waitlist if you don’t call far enough in advance. You are more than welcome to bring your own golf cart if you would prefer.

    Will lunch be available?

    Yes, for most fun shoots, lunch will be available for purchase. You can buy lunch tickets the day of. See our home page for more information about the event, including pricing.

    What happens if I need to cancel?

    Call 303.644.4627. Please give us at least 48 hours notice so we can adjust squadding.

    Corporate NSCA-Registered Shoots

    What are the NSCA and CSCA?

    The NSCA is the National Sporting Clays Association. This association records members’ scores in competition, registers competitive shoots, holds a national championship each year, provides a myriad of achievement awards, and promotes the sport of sporting clays.

    The CSCA is the Colorado Chapter of the NSCA. Please visit their website for information on membership and upcoming tournaments.

    What is an NSCA event?

    An NSCA event is a nationally recognized competition shoot in which scores and number of targets shot count toward shooter ranking with NSCA and CSCA.

    What is FITASC?

    FITASC is an international form of sporting clays (part of the ‘Federation Internationale de Tir Aux Sportives de Chasse’ based in France) in which shooters fire from three “pegs,” or shooting locations. A combination of singles and pairs is thrown at each peg for a game total of 25 targets for the course, called a “parcour.” The shooter cannot shoulder the gun until the target is visible. FITASC is a refereed competition.

    What does 626 stand for?

    It stands for 600 rounds, 2 days, 6 clubs. This is a multi-day tournament where, each day, you shoot at 3 clubs, 100 rounds at each club. Your totals from all clubs are added up at the end of the tournament. It’s a great way to get a lot of rounds and punches under your belt. You can choose to shoot in the entire 626 for a shot at winning prize money, or you can pick and choose which clubs you would like to shoot at for fun!

    When are your NSCA shoots?

    We typically host three main NSCA shoots a year in April, June, and August. All three of them have the main, two of them include FITASC and the other one includes 5-stand. We also host a 626 shoot in May.

    Do I have to shoot the main and FITASC?

    No, you can choose to shoot either the main, the FITASC, or both.

    How do I register for NSCA shoots at your club?

    Sign-up through, unless otherwise posted.

    Can I pay through Scorechaser?

    No, we handle all payments directly the day of. If you are signing up for FITASC, you will need to call us right after you register to provide credit card information to hold your spot.

    Who do I contact if I have specific squadding requests?

    For the majority of NSCA shoots, we handle squadding so you can either note your preferences when registering or give us a call at (303)644-4627 to request people to be in your squad. For the 626, you will have to reach out to Scorechaser directly as they handle squadding.

    When are results released?

    Please allow at least a week for results and payouts to show up through Scorechaser. We have this delay because we wait for any people that may have mistakenly shot in the wrong class, so as to not mess up results and payouts.